Coffee break? Check out Singapore’s first robot barista outlet

Crown Coffee, the food and beverage arm of Crown Group, said the outlet was launched in an effort to push automation and reduce physical interaction in the light of the coronavirus pandemic  […]

Robot barista turns cafe into a one-man show

At this cafe, a single robot can brew coffee, take payment and serve customers. The owner, Keith Tan, developed Ella the robot […]

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Need a break from all the excitement? Get a free cup of coffee at Crown Coffee, where everything about the cafe experience — from ordering to collection, to even having […]

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Crafting the perfect cup of coffee is a perilous art that has, for centuries, been the sole responsibility of human hands. At Crown Coffee, this is no longer the case, as founder and Chief executive Keith Tan […]

The times they are a-changing indeed. Like a crash course of possibly the largest scale to date,  businesses were given the ultimatum to shift operations online or fade into oblivion […]

Singaporean cafe Crown Coffee has unveiled the country’s first-ever robotic barista named Ella, which is supposedly four times more efficient than a human barista. […]

Now, a new player has entered the scene.  Crown Coffee has relinquished the old cafe formula with the help of Ella, Singapore’s first fully autonomous robotic barista. […]

Ella” is Singapore’s first fully autonomous robot barista, launched last week at Crown Coffee. It was designed by Crown Digital, the coffee shop’s smart retail solutions provider.  […]